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New York Primary School

The New York Primary School Prospectus

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome!  This prospectus is designed to help you find out more about us. We have included a lot of information, which we hope you will find useful and helpful.  If you require further information please contact me or the school secretary, Mrs Hawkins, or explore the rest of our website.

In January 2010 New York and New York Primary Schools federated. This means there is a single Governing Body over the two schools comprising of local authority representatives, teaching staff, parents and community governors from both schools. Both schools are improving schools and were graded as “Good” in their last Ofsted inspection in May 2013.

I would like to take this opportunity to set out our shared vision for New York Primary School and the Federation, together with the outcomes for all our children. The staff and governors believe that every child has an entitlement to a broad and balanced education. We are an inclusive school, which means that we receive children from all cultures and faiths and with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. We are committed to enabling all our children to achieve high standards of attainment and to reach their potential whatever their abilities. We are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of all the children are met and that everyone is fully included in the life of the school.

We know that children learn best when they are happy and secure. We work hard to create a safe, caring and nurturing environment which encourages the children, but also the staff, to thrive. We believe that a positive self image is crucial and our ethos is built on the foundation of mutual respect and inclusivity.

Our “Values Themed Curriculum” aims to be enjoyable and motivating whilst adhering to national government guidelines. The aim is to make the curriculum as child centred as possible, making learning stimulating and fun. We recognise that all children are different and we try to find out how each child learns best. Teaching strategies can then be developed to make sure that every child has the best opportunity to learn well. We believe the quality of learning is a direct result of the quality of teaching and constantly strive to improve.

We recognise that a child is not educated in isolation and the support and impact of home life has an essential influence on the outcomes of education. We have a commitment to working in partnership with parents, families and carers, and the collaborative schools in our cluster. Ours is a community school and we are developing a network of support for our families based here at the school.

We are mindful of the future and aim to prepare our children for the challenges of life yet to come. As well as equipping them with basic skills, including the ability to use new technologies, we endeavour to develop in them personal qualities such as creativity, resourcefulness, independence and adaptability. We hope that these skills and abilities will enable them to become happy, successful and self-sufficient citizens of the 21st Century.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Bargh (Executive Headteacher)


General Information:

The School Day:

School begins at 8:45am each day and ends at 3:00pm. Please aim to have your child ready for the start of school in good time, but no earlier than 8:35am please, as there will be no staff deployed to supervise them before this time.

Break times are as follows:

Mid-morning 10:30am – 10:45am

Lunch 12:00pm – 12:55pm

Safeguarding statement:

All those working across the Federation contribute to the safeguarding of pupils and protecting all those pupils who are in our care. We have a pastoral responsibility towards these pupils and will work together in the prevention of abuse and neglect, through our policies and procedures. We will create and maintain a safe environment for these pupils and manage situations where there may be child welfare concerns. Pupils will be helped to understand what is and what is not acceptable behaviour towards them and taught about staying safe from harm and how to speak up if they have concerns or worries. The curriculum will play a preventative role in preparing pupils for their future responsibilities as adults, parents, carers and citizens.

School Dress:

The school colour is navy blue. Uniform items bearing the school logo are available to order online from School Trends. . Alternatively you may provide a royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan of your choice. We ask that if possible white shirts or polo shirts are worn under sweatshirts/cardigans, with grey or black trousers for boys, grey or blue skirts/pinafores for girls. Girls may also wear trousers if this is preferable. Footwear should be appropriate for school.

All children will also need a full PE kit in school at all times. This should be black and white and include a T- shirt, shorts, jogging bottoms if desired, a change of socks, plimsolls and/or trainers. The kit should be kept in a suitable bag and once again these are available to order if desired.

It is essential for health and safety reasons that the above items are worn for PE.  Jewellery cannot be allowed for reasons of safety.  Stud type earrings is the only form of jewellery that is permitted to be worn in school at any time – if children cannot for some reason remove these for PE, their earlobes will be taped to avoid the danger of split lobes.  This also applies to swimming lessons.  Children with long hair should have it tied back.

At New York Primary School, every child starts to learn to swim in their very first year at school. They will go on to learn several strokes, personal survival skills and rescue techniques.

Please remember to name each item of uniform, including PE kit, reading folders and lunch boxes, as this makes it much easier to track down lost items! Pupils are responsible for the security of their own personal possessions.


Special Educational Needs:

Some children, for whatever reason, will struggle to learn at some time. There are those children, however, who have difficulties with learning that require regular attention. At New York School, children with special needs are given greater adult support, either as a part of a small group or on a one-to-one basis. They often also have additional learning materials that are carefully matched to their needs. Parents are kept fully informed at all times about their child’s progress, and indeed their input, in addition to that of the child, is vital in ensuring that each child achieves his or her full potential.

Transport and Getting to School:

You have the right to send your child to any primary school that is willing and able to take them. In Lincolnshire, this can involve children travelling long distances. The County Council will arrange for transport to New York for any child whose home is more than two miles from the school, providing that this is your nearest school, or if not, if your nearest school is full.

An application form and further details can be found in the ‘Going to School in Lincolnshire’ website, or by telephoning County Offices on 01522 552222.

Emergency Contacts:

In certain emergencies it is necessary to contact parents. All parents are therefore asked to provide the school with a telephone number where one or other parent may be contacted. Please complete the attached application form.

Such emergencies may include an accident, sudden illness or an emergency closure of the school. Normally a parent will be contacted as soon as possible but if this cannot be achieved and the situation is thought to require further expert treatment, we reserve the right to consult qualified medical opinion.

It is imperative that details of addresses and telephone numbers, including mobiles, are kept up to date.


Child Health:

Children do not routinely see a school nurse or doctor. Should you have any concerns about any aspects of your child’s health, however, please contact the school. You will be sent a confidential form to fill in, which should be returned to the school. It will then be sent to the school nursing service who will contact you in due course. All parents of children in Reception will be sent this form as a matter of routine at some stage during the first year. If it is thought necessary, a child may be referred to the community child health doctor.

From time to time, members of staff may have a concern about an aspect of your child’s health, for example vision or hearing. In such instances the school will contact you to seek permission to make a referral to the school nursing service.


If your child is ill or cannot attend school for any reason, it is vital that you telephone the school, send in a note or talk to your child’s teacher. To ensure that our attendance rates remain high, parents will be contacted by the school on the first day of absence, if they have not already telephoned the school themselves.

A note is also required if your child has to miss a PE or swimming lesson for any reason.  Unauthorised absence refers to children being away without the school receiving a note, telephone call or personal visit from the child’s parent or carer explain the reason for the absence.  The Government have also asked us to emphasise that illness is the only acceptable reason for authorising absence.

New Legislation for Headteachers:

The Department for Education have made amendments to the regulations with regard to school attendance.

Previously, Headteachers were allowed to grant leave of absence during term time of up to 10 school days if the leave of absence application met the criteria set out by the Department for Education.

Amendments to the 2006 regulations remove reference to family holiday and extended leave as well as the statutory threshold of ten days school days.  The amendments make it clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Headteachers should determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if the leave is granted.

These amendments, as described above, came into force on 1st September 2013. In summary:

  • Schools are no longer allowed to authorise leave of absence for family holidays.
  • Any leave of absence requests can only be authorised by the Headteacher in exceptional circumstances.

School Meals:

A hot school meal service is provided daily by Ideal HSM Ltd. Children also have the option of bringing a packed lunch if they prefer. Children are also encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat at morning break. Key Stage 1 children are entitled to a free piece of fruit, under the ‘National Fruit Scheme’, and KS1 are entitled to free school milk. Since September 2014 all children in Reception, year 1 and year 2 have been entitled to a free school meal.

Free school meals are available for qualifying families. Applications can be made in person or by the school administrator.

There is a water machine situated in each classroom and children are encouraged to use this regularly throughout each day. Each child is allocated a water bottle with a personalised number for identification purposes.


Parents’ Visits to School:

Parents are welcome to visit the school or talk to their child’s teacher at any time during the year, but a telephone call beforehand is advisable. There will be an open evening for parents during the Autumn Term and another before Easter. The Autumn Term Open Evening is an opportunity to look around the school and ask questions, rather than an occasion for discussing the work of individual children. Individual Parents’ Appointments are held before Easter. Parents will also be invited to discuss their child’s report at the end of the Summer Term, should they have any particular concerns.

Educational Visits:

Whenever possible, children’s learning at New York School is brought to life and made memorable through visits to places of interest and through visitors coming into school to share their knowledge and skills. Not all visits will incur extra costs from parents and carers. However, the school’s budget cannot cover the total cost of certain visits, particularly the residentials, and on such occasions the school will ask parents to send in voluntary contributions. Whenever any visit is planned a letter will be sent home explaining the details, the purpose of the visit and advising you of any cost.

There is no obligation to contribute. No child will be excluded from a visit due to being unable to pay the requested sum of money. However, some visits cannot take place unless sufficient voluntary contributions are received. We hope that you will support the school as much as you are able.

Parent Teachers & Friends Association:

The school is fortunate in having an amazing group of committed parents and staff who organise fund-raising and social events for parents, children and friends of the school. These include a Christmas/Summer Fair, Rag Collection and children’s parties/discos. The association also purchases several items of equipment for school and support the funding for some school trips.

All parents are automatically members and may attend meetings, dates of which will be notified on the school notice board.


Administration of Drugs/Medicines in School:

Many medications will be prescribed in such a way that doses only need to be given when pupils are at home, but some may need to be given in school. (A medical form is available in the foyer):

  1. Where the child has some form of chronic illness such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, hay fever. In such cases, only medicines in their original container, and labelled with the child’s name and amount and frequency of dosage are acceptable at school.
  2. Where the child has a short-term illness such as colds etc. In these cases, children suffering from infections requiring treatment by antibiotics should not normally be in school until the course of treatment has been completed.   The school is not able to administer such medications.

However, parents are welcome to come into school the administer their own child’s medicine

Admission Policy and Arrangements for Visits:

New York Primary School admits pupils from the age of 4+ to 11+. Children who are starting school for the first time are admitted in the September of the school year in which they reach their fifth birthday. Children must start compulsory education in the term following their fifth birthday.

Arrangements will be made for children starting school in September to visit the school during the Summer Term for intake sessions. This gives them the opportunity to meet with staff and pupils and to familiarise themselves with the school building and environment.

The application forms for all admissions are now online and can be found at:

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Complaints Procedure:

Wherever possible, concerns expressed by parents and others about the school curriculum or other matters will be dealt with in the first instance by discussion with teachers or the Headteacher. However, there will be occasions when such concerns cannot be resolved informally and under the terms of the 1988 Education Reform Act, the County Council has set up a formal complaints procedure that offers a readily accessible and clearly understood route through which complaints of this nature may be pursued.

A document setting out this procedure is available from the school and a copy can be given to any person wishing to make a complaint under these arrangements. Governors are willing to be contacted directly.

Further information:

For any further information or just to keep up to date with what’s going on in school please explore the rest of our website.





The New York Primary School Prospectus is also available in Adobe PDF format and you will need the Adobe PDF Reader to view the prospectus.  It is a free reader and if you do not already have the Adobe PDF Reader you can download it for free from the Adobe website.