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New York Primary School

Meet The Staff

New York Primary School would be nothing without our dedicated family of teachers, support staff, governor and parent teams that demonstrate daily, an incredible level of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the school and the children we are here for.

Our current staff can be found below:

Executive Headteacher:  Mr Paul Bargh

Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs Donna Iveson

Teacher:  Miss Sara Zuzarte

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Amanda Gurton, Mrs Sandra Pawson, Mrs Emma Crawford, Mrs Marie Rodgers, Mrs Rigley, Mr Saddington and Mrs Michelle Grimmitt

Administration:  Mrs Lisa Hawkins

Caretaker: Mrs Amanda Gurton

Class 1:

Class Teacher – Miss Sara Zuzarte

Teaching Assistants – Miss Sandra Pawson, Mrs Rigley and Mrs Marie Rodgers

Class 2:

Class Teacher – Mrs Donna Iveson

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Amanda Gurton, Mrs Emma Crawford, Mr Saddington and Mrs Michelle Grimmitt