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New York Primary School

Pupil Premium

It is the responsibility of the governors to explain ‘Pupil Premium’ expenditure to parents in the form of an annual statement. This page archives the annual reports that explain how Pupil Premium has been used within school and the effect this has had on the attainment of the pupils who attract the funding.

The report includes:

  • how much pupil premium funding that we received for particular academic years
  • details of how we intend to spend the funding, including our reasons and evidence
  • details of how we spent the pupil premium funding we received for last academic year
  • how it made a difference to the attainment of disadvantaged pupils

This information can be found by clicking on the relevant document below.

The New York Primary School Pupil Premium reports are all in Adobe PDF format and you will need the Adobe PDF Reader to view the reports.  It is a free reader and if you do not already have the Adobe PDF Reader you can download it for free from the Adobe website.